1. The wonderful Barbican in London…  I could spend months there.

  2. I visited an Ejection Seat Factory in London - no photos allowed.  grrrr

  5. Photo:  Katherine York , Detroit


  7. During the time that Detroit 1968 was made, taken during 1968, many of Enrico Natali’s white middle class American Dreamers were just starting to flee the city. Motor City’s status as one of the shining stars of the industrial revolution was beginning to fade. Detroit was becoming a poster child for the racial conflict and political upheaval was sweeping through the country. Throughout this pivotal moment, Natali was present, documenting Detroit, her people and their environments, lives and conditions.

  8. More separation walls.


  9. Mike Duggan is elected mayor of Detroit!


    I am still shocked by this and eager to see what happens in these next years!