1. "Home sweet home!"

  2. We built some homes here… cant find all the photos and its killin me.  East Tijuana Mexico, 2003?

  3. 'Anyone who harbors a terrorist is a terrorist'.

    When I pulled over to take this photo, a hitchhiker jumped in the car and waited for me to go.  Cuba, 2006.

  4. This schoolgirl had these workers write on her school shirt.  Havana Cuba 2006

  5. I see your white doll and I want to paint it black…  Detroit 2009

  6. Berlin Plattenbau

  7. Aaron Le who I photographed earlier this year will be in Germanys cult tv show Tatort Sunday October 20 at 8:15pm Channel 1.

  8. While home in Detroit… makin new friends.

  9. Former East German Circus…

  10. Took a walk in Berlin last night…