1. Out the studio window this morning. 

  2. 'It's important for you to do your work, and to know what that means, and to engage it seriously.'  Photographer and video artist Carrie Mae Weems.

  3. "The job of a man can not be done by a boy"  translated from her lyrics… yeah baby -I love the growls.

    Mala’s lyrics are sexual and feisty, but, unlike mainstream female MCs in the U.S., she doesn’t brag about wealth. In “Galaxias Cercanas,” (“Nearby Galaxies”) she raps — “I was birthed strong, I was raised strong, I walked strong and I’ve always talked strong.” Data says the absence of materialism has to do with the social context that produces Spanish-language rappers. “In the U.S., materialism is a value that is popular, accepted and celebrated. In Latin America, not so much,” he says. “It also has to do with the rap industry itself. The truth is in Latin America nobody, with the exception of Calle 13, has gotten rich off of hip-hop. So bragging about wealth would be bizarre, and it’s also considered in extremely poor taste in our culture.” - NPR interview.

  4. "Home sweet home!"

  5. We built some homes here… cant find all the photos and its killin me.  East Tijuana Mexico, 2003?

  6. 'Anyone who harbors a terrorist is a terrorist'.

    When I pulled over to take this photo, a hitchhiker jumped in the car and waited for me to go.  Cuba, 2006.

  7. This schoolgirl had these workers write on her school shirt.  Havana Cuba 2006

  8. I see your white doll and I want to paint it black…  Detroit 2009

  9. Berlin Plattenbau

  10. Aaron Le who I photographed earlier this year will be in Germanys cult tv show Tatort Sunday October 20 at 8:15pm Channel 1.